Who Are We?

Coltri Americas is the new Americas division of Coltrisub, Italy. Coltri Americas will be the key supplier to the Coltrisub distribution network for the Americas and Caribbean. Coltrisub is known as a world leader in the development of air compressors, high quality scuba equipment and nitrox delivery systems . Coltrisub is known for delivering turnkey nitrox (nitrogen/oxygen) systems for recreational diving. The new office, located in Coral Springs, Florida, provides service to North America, Central America, South America and the Caribbean.

Coltri’s innovative line of recreational diving equipment incorporates everything a diver needs including wetsuits, drysuits, regulators, instruments and buoyancy compensators. Carlo Coltri founded the company in 1982.

Coltri’s equipment is manufactured to the highest standards for quality and performance. For this reason, the International Standards Organization has recognized the company’s products as meeting ISO 9001:2000 standards. Very few companies in the diving industry attain this level of quality in their manufacturing.

Coltri Americas offers a broad line of air compressors, diving equipment, nitrox systems and gas analyzers. The company can also deliver custom fill stations for dive stores, resorts and boats. Accessories and compressor supplies can be ordered directly from the company web site.

In addition to providing sport diving equipment and systems, Coltri Americas also provides compressed air systems for paintball, auto sports, fire departments, military operations, yachts and commercial diving.

David McKenna runs Coltri Americas, he previously represented Coltrisub in the UK (2004–2006). David has been diving since 1976 and is an SSI Instructor Trainer, an instructor with DAN, IANTD, PADI, TDI and is a founder member of IAST (International Association of Scuba Technicians). He lived in Mexico for 15 years, speaking fluent Spanish.